1. Pool Gates: New gate locks have been installed and are up to the DeKalb County Board of Health's code. They may NOT be propped open. If an inspector from the DCBH comes to our pool and the gate is propped open, there will be a $100 fine and the pool must be closed for 24 hours for an inspection.

  2. Lifeguards: If a lifeguard is in uniform they are working. Fontainebleau pays a contract for the guard hours upfront, so if a guard is in uniform they are on duty, they are being paid and WILL be working unless there is severe weather. If Fontainebleau chooses to send a guard home early, they are still paid.

    1. Please do not engage the lifeguards in conversation while they are in the lifeguard chair. They should be focused on the pool and not distracted by members.

    2. If you are having an issue with a guard, please talk to Sweetwater Managers first and they will address the situation. It is not appropriate for members to argue or engage in disrespectful behavior towards the lifeguard.

    3. Anyone in the pool area must obey the lifeguard on duty. The lifeguard has the authority to remove anyone from the pool area whose conduct is deemed unsuitable.

  3. Pool Party: If you are going to use the pool for a party and a 2nd guard is not scheduled, the member is REQUIRED to contact Sweetwater Pool Management directly at least ONE week before the party to secure a 2nd guard. The member is responsible for paying for this 2nd guard. Contact information below.

  4. The last 15 minutes of every hour is “adult swim” time. All children 18 years and younger must exit the pool during this time. On weekends and holidays, the time is 20 minutes at the life guard's discretion.

  5. No child under the age of 8 will be allowed inside the pool enclosure unless they are accompanied by a person 14 years of age or older.

  6. Parents shall be responsible for young children brought to into the pool area who cannot swim. Children who cannot swim must be within arms reach of the parent or guardian while in the water. The ultimate responsibility of pool safety lies with the parent/guardian.

  7. All babies not potty trained, must wear swim diapers.

  8. No one with an open infection will be allowed in the pool.

  9. Volleyballs are to be used for volleyball games only. No balls or Frisbees except inflated balls are to be used in the pool area.

  10. Inflated beach toys are not to be used as life preservers. All inflated equipment must be approved by the lifeguard on duty before being used. All inflated gear must be used only on the shallow side of the lifeguard stand. Non-swimmers are not to use inflated gear beyond the three foot mark. Lifeguards may restrict use inflated gear if it crowds or annoys other swimmers.

  11. All dives must be straight ahead off the board. No diving is allowed beyond the ladder. Divers should swim to the side immediately and all divers must check to see if the diving area is clear before diving. No more than one person is allowed on the board a one time.

  12. No running, pushing or other unsafe practices within the pool enclosure.

  13. NO GLASS OBJECTS except eyeglasses are allowed within the pool enclosure.

  14. All guests entering the pool enclosure must be registered immediately upon entry into the pool area. A person from outside the membership areas may be a guest twice per calendar month. Persons from within the membership areas may be guest once a month. Guest fees are $2.00 per guest. *Out of town guests and house-guests are $3.00 per family per week. Guest fees are billed at the end of the pool season.

  15. No pets and No smoking allowed within the pool enclosure.

  16. All cigarette butts, paper and other trash must be placed in the proper containers.

  17. Clean up after yourself!

Sweetwater Pool Management Contacts:

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