Baby and Me is a class for parents and very young children – those too short to stand in the pool and under three.  We will work on “getting ready to swim” as opposed to actual learning strokes.  We want the child to be comfortable in the water and happy in the pool. A parent must be in the pool with the child at all times.  If a parent has two children, we will try to find a helper to aid the second child.

General information:

Taught by Jen Belknap.

Cost is $50/swimmer.

Classes – or individual instruction – are available at 5:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Children are given goldfish crackers as rewards and stars on a chart after class and stickers for their hands.  Please let us know if your child cannot (or doesn’t like) the crackers and we will find another reward.

Do not expect your child to actually learn how to swim in the class – it is really a “getting ready to swim” class.  We want your child to be comfortable in the water and enjoy water games, etc.  We will stress water safety throughout the class, but remember, children under three or too short to stand in the pool safely should NEVER go into the pool without an adult in the water with them.

You will learn about “boat rides”, how to encourage your child to go underwater, how to help him/her jump to you, how to get your child to float and how to just have fun in the water.

Registration forms can be found on the Swim Team Documents page!